About us

Amato, our family name, means “loved” in italian.

About us

Back in 2015 before opening our first ice cream shop we had to choose a name for our “adventure”, there was no doubt how to name it, because the name of our family is describing what we want to do – make artisanal ice cream according to the italian tradition using only basic and high quality ingredience. And do it with love!

In 2019 we’ve opened our second ice cream shop in Vodičkova, Prague city center, on the site of a historic italian ice cream shop, also known as Italian pastry shop. With respect to traditions we’ve decided to keep the name.

We put great emphasis on the selection of ingrediences. We’re constantly selecting and searching for them, which guarantees that our ice cream is made from the best possible ingredients. We select only the best ones and use only the raw materials that are necessary for the production and do not add anything extra.


Dreams come Ice-Cream

I love being an artisan. I’ve found basic attributes in artisan work which I’ve searched in life: in work which I fall in love with and which I do with big proud, enthusiasm, devotion and respect to traditions; absolute freedom of creativity, like it was a game; using local ingredience as much as possible from the place I live in; tremendous path of professional growth full of satisfaction, but also frustration, long days, successes and failures.

And then there is you, who taste my ice cream. When you look into my eyes behind the glass and do thumb up with a smile. At that moment I realize how great it is what I do and that my creations make people happy and my job is the best in the world.