Party ice cream

Amato ice cream can also come to you – we offer the possibility of renting our ice cream cart or cool box for your celebrations, weddings, cultural or corporate events or any other occasion where you will feel like having an ice cream refreshment.

Bigger celebrations – ice cream cart

The cart can hold up to 12 different flavours (6 exposed and 6 in stock), with a total weight of about 50 kg of ice cream

Ideal for larger events with more than 350 people (minimum order 36 kg of ice cream)

Trolley dimensions are 95 cm x 200 cm, weight approx. 200 kg

Electricity is required

Includes transport and staff, only available in Prague

Smaller celebrations – Cool box

Cool box contains 2 ice cream containers, you can choose 2 flavors

Ideal for smaller parties of up to 100 people

Box dimensions are 60 cm x 30 cm x 51 cm, weight 18kg

No electricity needed, the cool box lasts 4 hours of storage and 2 hours of serving

Pick up at our Vodičkova branch, to be ordered in advance