We still believe in real quality italian ice cream made from basic and high quality ingredience without the use of semi-finished products.


No colorants, conservants or artificial aromas. We believe that simplicity helps us to create the real “gelato naturale”. We use fresh seasonal fruit mainly from small local farmers, who like us work in an artisan way.

Our flavours are different every day, based on the season, its origin and different grade of maturity.

That’s why real artisan ice cream is never the same, standardized, but always gives you unique tastes!

We also accomodate your new requirements and guarantee that all our ice-cream, be it milk based or sorbets (if not stated otherwise) are gluten-free and sorbets and granitas are also vegan a lactose-free.

Every day, with the same enthusiasm/drive and same care, we make our ice cream and other specialities which you can find in our shops.

Milk based ice cream

How our ice cream is born

Fresh full fat farm milk from Krkonoše mountains, fresh cream, dried skimmed milk, sugar, dextrosa, glucose sirup, carubin, guar seeds flour

Based on ice cream flavour

We use dark, milk or white chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa 10/12, pieces of dark chocolate, 100% sicilian pistachio paste, 100% paste from hazelnuts of Piedmont area, pistachio, almond and hazelnut granella, mascarpone, cinnamon, candied citrus fruit, coffee, caramel, vanilla from Madagascar – pods and sirup, 100% sicilian almond paste, pasteurized eggs, fresh yoghurt, 100% peanut paste, gorgonzola cheese.

We can also use

Honey, various types of wine and liquers, inverted sugar, salt, butter, 100% pure essential oils, cocoa butter, lemon and orange peel, mint, coffee beans, spices, biscuits, ricotta, cottage cheese, cherries, elderberry infusion.


For sorbets we use

Fresh fruit, water, sugar, dextrose, glucose sirup, natural fiber, carubin, guar seeds flour.

Based on the season we are adding fruit pulp from strawberries, rapsberries, blueberries, lemon, orange, mandarins, apples, pears, black/red/white currant, watermelon, pinapple, peach, apricots, bananas and various types of vegetables.

Other ice cream products

Apart from the traditional cone or cup, you can also find various ice cream products.

Ice cream cakes

We can prepare custom-made ice cream cake, where you can choose the size, shape, flavours and personalized decorations based on the occasion and with respect to potential alergies.

Ice cream minicones

Our ice cream minicones will be a big success on your party. They can be ordered in minimum quantity of 1kg which will give approximately 60pcs.

Ice cream sundaes

If you want to enjoy something more than just an ice cream, it will be our pleasure to prepare one of our sundae options.

“I’ve followed my heart and it brought me to Amato.”